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Making Social Profitable

Get Better Results And More Freedom From Your Marketing

The online world is constantly changing, there is no stopping it. The current Algorithms guide the future of when and what content is seen.

As we head into 2019, several highly important social media areas will be brought to light: security, innovative technical changes with AI and bots, emotional well-being, political utilization, and substantially more.

Below are five predictions for 2019 from some of the top social media experts.

Micro Influencers

A big prediction that has already shown progress is a rise in brands using micro influencers within their marketing strategy. Brands are realizing that even smaller micro influencers have a powerful connection with their followers. This then equates to higher levels of engagement within their social community. Therefore, brands will be connecting more with social media account users under 10K to increase in awerness for products and services.

Social Media & Advancements

The last several years we have seen an increase in technology advancements. The internet world has provided more opportunity to connect with consumers all over the world. Brands will need to be even more tuned in on how they can best visualize their message on social. They will need to be even more creative, visual language has and will continue to evolve. Video and imagines still are a higher caliber of social media marketing and will produce more engagement than any other marketing content.

Stories Will Take Over

Everyone can see that the stories platforms are ever increasing and gaining more reach compared to traditional newsfeeds. Mark Zuckerberg recently shared that Facebook expects News Feed usage to decline and that he’s instructed his teams to focus stories features. A big question is whether the popularity of stories features is guided by a genuine interest or if these new features are being force-fed. Regardless there is an increase occurring.

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