A festive greeting card (or newsletter) goes a long way for marketing

Sunday December 12, 2021 comments


Christmas and New Year fall on the end of the year, and their email campaigns are usually an embodiment of all the previous marketing efforts. And to be so, start preparing way in advance to meet the holidays fully ready.


Come with a powerful Christmas email subject line

Creating a great subject line is never easy. And it’s twice as hard during the holiday season when the Inbox of your customers will be definitely flooded with numerous Ho-Ho-Ho cliches, Big Christmas Sales taglines, Deal Expires Today, etc. To go beyond 50% OFF All, explore your (or your copywriter’s) creativity to come up with a subject that is direct and represents your business or organization.


Express sincere gratitude

2021 was odd for everyone and challenging for many. Yet, we all can find a reason to be thankful even at these challenging times. For a business or a Lakeland marketing agency, loyalty of customers or the support of constituents is one of such reasons, so use your Christmas emails to tell your audience how their support helped you make it through 2021.


Offer informative gift guides

More than any other holiday, Christmas is about family reunions, meetings with not-seen-for-a-long-time friends, and Friday parties with colleagues. This year they all might be online only but this doesn't completely erase the whole idea.

And gift-giving is typically a key element of any of these events. A heartwarming gift for mom, a memorable present for your college bestie, something for Sandra from the Payroll Department - finding the perfect gift can be really challenging and time-consuming.

So what a smart email marketer needs to do is to simplify the gift-hunting process, and a thoughtful, well-structured gift guide inside Christmas marketing campaigns is the straight way to success.


Be there for last-minute shoppers

Some people procrastinate and wait till it’s *almost* too late when it comes to buying gifts, that’s a given, heck, maybe you’re even one of them. But the procrastination of some buyers may be a good opportunity for your business. Help the last-minute shoppers make it through the gift-picking race with relevant and useful holiday campaigns. Make sure people can use your last-minute ideas without facing shipment issues or product shortage.

Another way to save the day of the holiday procrastinators is to offer electronic gift cards. Yes, it’s less personal, but when time is running out, a well-designed e-Gift card can be a great and eco-friendly replacement for a more traditional present.


Prioritize promotion of seasonal products

Fill your campaign with holiday-relevant products and help people find what they’re looking for right now. Too many options or a too extensive product range can slow down the decision making; a focus on one or two specific choices instead can be more effective.


Use inclusive  and humorous holiday greetings

Your audience most probably consists of people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Not all your subscribers celebrate Christmas and New Year in December, and some don’t celebrate them at all. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up on Christmas marketing: consider using neutral greetings like Season’s Greetings, Enjoy This Winter, or Happy Holidays, instead of event-oriented Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. With a seemingly simple inclusive wish, you show your readers respect. Make them smile too or, even better, laugh. The holiday promos and greetings are a good opportunity to demonstrate your signature sense of humor and wit. You may start with subject lines or keep the best part for the copy. Jokes, puns, wordplay, references to Christmas carols or classic novels, custom funny CTAs; try to encapsulate the holiday spirit in unexpected but fun ways for your Lakeland business.


Run a time-sensitive campaign with a themed name

Encapsulate your specific products and offers relevant to the season in a limited time period, and name it correspondingly. 12 Days of Christmas, Two Weeks of Best Deals 2021, or Christmas Gift Hunt not only fit with the holidays, but also create a sense of urgency.

You may also run a holiday-themed contest or challenge. Encourage people to share their best cookie recipes, Christmas decorations, gift ideas, or even ugly Christmas sweater looks. Encourage them to forward your newsletter to their friends to participate as well to spread the word and grow your contact list.


Be a bit personal

A holiday greeting is where readers would love to see their names for sure. If you think that you'll need to add each and every name manually, have no fear. Modern email automation technologies of mass email services are available to do that for your Lakeland business. Holiday-related emojis are a great way to visually boost your Christmas marketing content too, especially if you choose plain-text emails this December. If there’s no way to incorporate them in the email body, think of upgrading your subject line with one or two themed symbols.


Come up with a custom Call-To-Action

Send Gift or Bring Joy sounds more appealing and Christmas-spirited than Buy Now and Start Shopping. It may be difficult to come up with something more effective than the good old Get Started when it comes to regular newsletters, but holiday campaigns give your creativity opportunities to shine. The Nice List, Claim Your Gift, Santa’s Favorites, Spread Holiday Cheer, or other more original CTA wording will help you have a more sentimental advantage over other offers.