Content Creation - Save Time and Get More Engagement!

By: Anna Saturday May 18, 2019 comments Tags: content creation, social reach app

You use a content scheduler to post the same content on all your social media platforms. Why would one platform get much more engagement on a certain post than another? How can you ensure that your content is getting high engagement across all your platforms?

Content on each platform should differ to engage your customers on that platform as much as possible. Different customers visit different platforms - you may have more millennials visiting your Instagram page, while more business people visit your LinkedIn page. Naturally, these audiences will respond well to different words and images. So you need to customize your content based on platform and audience.

Content creation is a big job. You don't have 15 hours a week to devote to it. It's important that you have a content advertising strategy ready. You need a way to make that job easier and faster! Here are 5 ideas for creating high-engagement in a fraction of the time:

1. Repurpose content.

One reason blogs are so valuable is they provide long-form content that you can use to create multiple content pieces. For instance, you can use your blogs as an outline for videos. You can also take points from the blog to create a quote graphic for Twitter and Instagram Stories. And you can pull punchy sentences from the blog to use as captions for social posts. Any of these is considered a content advertising strategy.

2. Cut videos into different segments depending on platform.

Once you've recorded one longer video that includes several subpoints, break it up into different segments to post across various platforms. This should further strengthen the implementation of content advertising strategy. You can post the longer video on your YouTube channel and Facebook page and then post a 60-second version on Instagram. You can also choose which segments will appeal most to your audiences on each platform to optimize engagement.

3. Customize social captions.

With the Social Reach App, you can quickly write a caption for an image, edit it according to the platform, and schedule all the posts at one time. You can also edit images and graphics to fit the ideal dimensions for each platform with the Canva integration in the Social Reach App. Customizing images for Facebook and Instagram helps them appear higher-quality and gather more engagement.

4. Revitalize old content.

The Social Reach App lets you see the content you posted last month on a certain social media channel and revamp it. Filter by the specific channel to save time locating the old content creation, then hit "repost." Then, edit the copy and image, select the platform you want, and schedule it quickly and easily!

5. Get ideas from the online conversation!

Content creation is a big job - we get it! You don't have to come up with content ideas all on your own. Listen to what leaders and customers in your industry are talking about and need to get ideas on how you can join the conversation. The Monitor tab in the Social Reach App lets you save keywords and see content that's circulating on all platforms about those keywords. Get the best content advertising strategy when you use the Social Reach App.

The Social Reach App is the perfect tool to help you save time and get more engagement with your content. Be social with us and start improving your online presence today!


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