Everything You Need to Know About Conversational Marketing

Monday January 17, 2022 comments


What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is a very trendy but very effective type of digital marketing where brands engage with website visitors and convert leads through dialogue-driven engagement. This marketing method focuses on interactions with the customer.

That sounds like sales though, you might think, so, is this really marketing? Well, marketing that actually talks to people is relatively new. Conversational marketing allows you to turn things that are usually seen as one-way marketing materials and make them interactive. With conversational marketing, engagement and conversion become easier than ever before.

Conversational Marketing aims to create relationships with the consumer by building trust through conversations and by making the buying experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Conversational marketing aims to build relationships and create authentic experiences with customers and buyers.


Why do you need Conversational Marketing?

There are many issues with current marketing activities that have led to this new development but people are demanding more. Most marketers would agree that today’s customers want more and more from the online buying experience, especially to make up for the absence of in-person attention. Conversational Marketing answers to this need for a better customer experience in a market that is now mostly run digitally.


How do you implement Conversational Marketing?

Here are a couple of tips for you if you're looking to start conversations with your website visitors:

Decide where to hold your conversations.

Conversational marketing strategy starts by choosing the pages where you want your chatbot to engage with your visitors. To maximize results, choose the pages that get both the most traffic and visitors with a high intention of buying, whether that’s your social media pages, or your website.

Then, plan your chatbot conversation flow.

Then once you know where you want to have your bot placed, you can move to plan the bot conversation flow. Based on your conversational marketing strategy and the stages of the customer journey of the page visitors, define what kind of information you need to ask and how many questions are required.

For a good customer experience, try to keep the conversations simple in all of your different conversation flows. People expect the interaction with your company to be smooth and want to get answers and guidance quickly.


What are the benefits of Conversational Marketing?

You can provide a more “human” purchasing experience. With conversational marketing software, your website no longer feels like a bare digital warehouse, where the only thing to greet shoppers are lead-generator forms.

Now, you can actually greet the people who are taking their time to visit your site, allowing them to start a conversation when it’s most convenient for them and answering their urgent product queries.

Yes, lead forms can collect contact info, but they’re not exactly great at providing context. Conversations can easily tell you the story of why a customer visited your site in the first place, what their biggest buying motivators are, and which product features and services are most important to them. Only then you can convert more AND better leads.


How can you get the most out of Conversational Marketing?

One-on-one conversations have the power to build customer brand loyalty and deliver great customer experiences, much like how a great in-store salesperson can build the same values for a brand. Conversational marketing is a real opportunity to engage in dialogues with your customers or audience, reaping the benefits of higher engagement, increased sales, and customer satisfaction.

Conversational marketing is just one reason why customers appreciate chatbots and making more purchases from brands who have them.


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