How to Create a Compelling Marketing Plan

Sunday August 1, 2021 comments


Plan to Get Ahead: How to Create a Compelling Marketing Plan

As a business owner or government office manager, you should always round up your marketing strategies for the year. It helps you set the course for the year, and defines your business goals. Without a marketing plan, your projects may become messy, and it will make you become unprepared when it comes to executing your projects, outsourcing, and hiring. It's a good thing that you can seek help from a social media marketing team and let them guide you through the processes. 


Understanding the Marketing Funnel

Before diving into making a marketing plan, you first understand the principles of the marketing funnel. This touches on:

  • Awareness - existence of the product.
  • Interest - evaluating the product’s benefits. 
  • Desire - wanting the product.
  • Action - purchasing the product.

Understanding the marketing funnel is essential because you are able to see how your potential patrons move and look at what product to push and improve on. Now that the marketing funnels are in place, here is how to create a compelling marketing plan:


Conduct a Situation Analysis

 Conduct a basic SWOT Analysis and a competitors check to know where you stand. This is the time to search for other products and analyze their approaches. In that way, you can adjust and figure out your competitive edge and work on that to stand out. 


Define Your Target Audience

Once you have identified your goals and your competitive edge, it’s time for you to know the right audience for you. Create a buyer persona which mimics the behavior and consumer tendencies of your audience, and use this in your strategies to bring them to your brand.  


Write SMART Goals

Cliche, but this always works! It’s always safe to have specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals. This can only mean that your goals must be specific, and must cover a certain amount of time for tasks to be done. 


Analyze your Tactics

Brainstorm your tactics once you’ve identified and set your goals. While thinking about your tactics you must also put into consideration your budget into executing your marketing projects. To kickstart your marketing strategies, you can talk to a marketing company in assessing the right direction for you type of produt/service and what platform it can work best. 


Set your Budget

Always know the estimated budget that you have for your different marketing projects, may it be for Social Media Marketing, or direct marketing. Also list down the time it takes to complete each project, along with the assets that you plan to purchase. 


Plan it With the Best People

Marketing Plans make you prepared and ready to ace your business goals at the end of the year. Good thing, Social Reach is here to help! With a dedicated team of marketers, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals and most importantly give value to your audience


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