Keep Social Media Strategy Simple

Thursday May 16, 2019 comments Tags: social media, social media strategy, content marketing, marketing

Social media strategy can become extremely complicated and overwhelming as it continues to become a key discussion in the digital advertising world for more and more businesses. However, keeping it simple and staying focused on the purpose behind the content is important because it will guide in the strategy development. Posting with a purpose seems to be difficult for many companies these days because they feel such an urgency to just get something posted on their social media channels. But having a clear understanding of your purpose is the first step you must take. It's equally important to be able to implement a content marketing strategy along side.

While there is no one solution for all companies, the foundation is quite similar for all businesses. A simple approach will allow you to stay focused on the message you are trying to get across and prevent you from getting lost in all the features and gadgets of social media. Doing so should also give way to a flawless implementation of a content marketing strategy.

The Social Reach App greatly helps marketers keep their social media strategy simple in that it provides image editing capabilities right within the App. This saves so much time and allows you to easily repeat the filters, designs or look you're going for so there is a consistency and your message doesn’t get pushed to the side for the sake of fancy.

In addition, the App’s scheduling capability provides a way to easily see what’s scheduled today, for the next few days or for the month. You can change the view of the scheduled posts to a day, week or month so you can quickly show all the posts or just the ones for a certain channel. Being able to filter by one channel or several at a time quickly allows you to view all the posts you’ve already done. Since you probably can’t remember what content you scheduled last week, you can also view “sent” posts to avoid duplications, which is a big mistake that’s so easy to make. 

Utilizing all these features will definitely keep your social media strategy simple and a content marketing strategy in check.