Why Blogging and Content Marketing Matters Hugely for Government Organizations

Tuesday January 25, 2022 comments


Some believe that blogging takes too much time and that people don’t want to spend their time scrolling through lengthy articles. If you work in a government organization, chances are, you might have thought that blogging shouldn’t be your focus. Just as much as social media (we see you posting on Facebook and Twitter!) is relevant and highly useful to engage with people, blogging and content marketing offers huge value to bringing in site visitors, and action-takers to your organization.

If you believe that blogging isn’t essential to your marketing because you’re already doing videos, live streaming, infographics, and images, then please keep on reading.

It’s quite an interesting question regarding whether blogging is still relevant to content marketing. Here’s an interesting idea you’ll probably agree with: if we look up “how to make the perfect pasta” on Google, there are almost 604 million results that will come up. The fact is, some of us actually open a few articles and go through the instructions before doing it, and yet it’s funny that some businesses/agencies/marketers still question the relevance of blogging in today’s world.

Before we look into the reasons why blogging is important to a content marketing strategy, the key elements of blogging are: the blog type, area of interest, SEO keywords, writing skills, and target audience.


Content Plan

To start off briefly, a content marketing strategy is a well-structured content plan designed to create and put out content that is in-line with the organization’s marketing agenda.

The audience identification is the first stepping stone to making a successful content marketing strategy. If an agency doesn’t know its target audience, then it will be impossible to reach out and talk to them. Figuring out who needs your services makes you more prepared about who to write for.

Also, the better you understand your audience, the easier it becomes to solve their issues through your services and programs. Not only will it save your resources, but it will also save your organization’s time.

Once your target audience has been identified, the next job is to create a content plan. At Social Reach, we see the basic idea of creating a content plan as a way to feed the public with high-quality or valuable content that makes their lives easier. In your case, content marketing is a connection-building process between a government organization and the citizens.

Agencies who understand content marketing do not only create sales and marketing content to increase their transactions, but also develop a relationship with their readers, which helps build trust between them. At some point, some of those people turn into regular website visitors because of the trust, loyalty, and relationship.

So focus on creating content that genuinely helps your audience.

Blogging doesn’t have to be scary at all. All you need is to sort out how you would write different topics to publish on your blog. Since you can create various types of content such as articles, videos, and infographics, you have to be well aware of your focus.

Let’s look at the important crosspoint now.

Most bloggers know the importance of publishing content because that’s what they do for a living. The astonishing thing for us at Social Reach is that many businesses and agencies don’t know why they should be writing and publishing content on their blogs. We’ll tell you why: there might be a lot of reasons why a blog is essential to your organization, but SEO is one of the top ones.



Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a website to appear in the top search engine results for specific keywords. The whole idea of SEO is to enable your website to perform its best in search engine ranking.

Blogging is essentially a vital tool for SEO. When we create a content marketing strategy, we look at the different types of content such as videos and infographics. But written content is vital to SEO. For example, you’ll need to write great copy for your website pages, landing pages, and social media posts to naturally inject the keywords as well as solve the visitors’ problems or concerns. You would also be required to publish blog posts (which contain relevant keywords, often searched by your target audience) on a regular basis to stay relevant and to keep producing fresh content to reach your audience.


You NEED to blog

The primary reason for blogging is to communicate, share, and educate others on the things that they need to know and to take action on.

One of the things you could do is start writing blog posts on relevant topics and frequently asked questions. If you develop a public-centric content strategy that solves the problems of your audience, you’ll likely benefit from your blogging. The easiest way to start is by producing content covering the topics that your audience might be searching for every day, and providing them with the solutions.

Always use images in your content. It’s true that images help content creators portray the message and clarify the message, but there are other benefits of images too. You could engage new and younger audiences (visual learner types especially) through images and geo tagging..

Blogging takes your content marketing strategy to a whole new level. It all comes down to the outreach that blogging provides to the blogger. Blogging opens up so many opportunities for any organization who starts pumping out fresh or updated, and valuable content for the public.

You might have seen business or corporate blogs which have multiple popups, opt-ins, ads– everything happening at the same time. Most readers jump off those blogs right away. So you have to be careful with such things.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention your programs or services in your content. There just has to be balance in it. Always talk about your service in the content where it’s necessary. Even though the essence of content marketing is educating and helping the audience, if the content isn’t converting the audience into acting citizens at all, then there is something that needs to be fixed.

The difference is in the intent; we run a Facebook ad to push a service at an occasion, and we start content marketing to gain attention, deliver value, and build loyalty so that we could nurture our audience for the future. Blogging is THE backbone of content marketing.


Let Social Reach blog for YOU

Social Reach recognizes that the importance of blogging can’t be denied even when technology is rapidly changing. The way you put out content will affect your organization’s positioning in the search engines. So the fact of the matter is that one can’t write-off blogging from effective marketing; the power of words is still very much impactful.

We would like to work with your organization and help you educate and guide the general public when it comes to the functions and services that you cater. It would be Social Reach’s privilege to be the federal government agencies’ partner in improving communications with the public, and eliciting action from them. Feel free to contact us for a discovery call so we can start on a strategy that will take your organization’s performance to the next level.