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Advertising is a form of communication used by businesses to market their products or services. The goal is to encourage or persuade a target audience to continue to take action by purchases, or booking an appointment or quote. Generally, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior.

Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to a group a visual, sponsored, message through one or more media platforms and is paid for by the sponsoring business. Through promotions, graphics, images, videos and more on social media platforms, businesses are able to use advertising to reach more viewers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising (print, billboards, commercials). Through paid ads the business hopes to bring their product or service to the attention of their target customer and inspire action to convert them into paying customers. Advertising focuses on one particular product or service at a time, therefore an advertising plan for one service or promotion might be very different than that for another service the same company offers. 

Different levels of advertising goals include trial, continuity, brand switch, and switching back. Trial is best for companies that are in their introduction stage. The trial objective is to convince the customers to buy the new product or services introduced in the market. Continuity is concerned about keeping the existing customers hooked on the service. This stage involves bringing something new to the service or promotion, some new angle, to keep the attention of customers and keep inspiring them to use the service. Brand switch is for businesses who want to attract the customers of their competitors. The ads will target potential customers and try to persuade them to switch over to the advertising businesses services and abandon the existing brand or business they use. Switching Back is for businesses who want their previous customers back, one that have switched to other competitors. Ads target their previous customers with discount sales, new services, a promotion specifically for previous customers, etc. 

Social reach specialize in advertising on social media, our ad campaigns, analytics and strategies have helped all of our customers gain new leads.

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