Social Media Basics

Social Media can be one of the simplest marketing platforms to start bringing attention to your...

Social Media Success & Storytelling

Social Media + Storytelling = Success Historically society has always connected best to...

Social Media Management Support

Social Media Management Tool In today’s world, social media is one of the most effective ways for...
Social Media Basics

Social Media Basics

Social Media can be one of the simplest marketing platforms to start bringing attention to your business. You can head to Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and create an account begin posting. Here are a couple inside tips and features to be-aware of.

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Tip – Content is King

The #1 thing to remember when marketing on Facebook is that the platform favors high-quality content. Strategies to beat the algorithms only work as much as the level of value you’re providing in content. Facebook wants you to engage your audience instead of constantly selling something. So they limit certain posts that are pushy or overly selling something. Make sure your providing value and not only trying to make a sale. In your posts, you can have a wider variety of topics and bring more diverse value than in sells posts Talk about your products, but also talk about community events and industry news. Run and promote specials, but also highlight customer stories/reviews. At every turn, provide value to your customers beyond sales, and your marketing strategies will be more successful.

“We’re seeing the rise in the culture of content because brands are publishers, and employees are also becoming publishers. Some might shrug it off as noise instead of being a signal, but as channels, platforms, and devices become more proliferated, employees are becoming better able to be the voice of their brand.”

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Save a Backup

Did you know you can backup your Facebook data? It’s a good idea to periodically download data, since if someone does hack your account, they could delete everything and cause you a lot of headache. But Facebook has provided a way to save all your content – posts, videos, photos – so in case something drastic does happen, you can access all your past data. If your like most you have had a friend or family member get into some trouble at some point on Facebook. Maybe they forgot a password or who knows things happen. That is why this one feature can be very valuable, it would be heart breaking for you to lose all that content you have shared on this platform. So make sure to take advantage of this feature!


Secure your Conversations

Facebook also provides encryption capabilities for Messenger. You can turn on these capabilities if you need to ensure that an important, confidential conversation isn’t accessed by anyone other than the recipient. Messenger also has timer options that erase messages after a certain amount of time so no one can access them. Check out the “Secret Conversation” feature here. This can be a huge benefit if a business or professional is discussing certain subjects using the platform. This feature will ensure that the information is safe and secure.

Want to discover more Facebook power tips? Here’s an article by Social Media Today (our source for this article) with more tips. As always, stay tuned to the blog for industry updates, affiliate reviews, and social tips & tricks!

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Social Media Success & Storytelling

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