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Educate Your Clients

Tuesday May 14, 2019 comments Tags: social media, social media strategy, educate, customer loyalty, customer service, customer management

Educate Your Clients

Why Educate Your Clients Competition is fierce, but a way to beat out your competitors is to educate your client s. Take every advantage to build relationships, create goodwill, and earn the trust of potential customers. They want more than just a pitch from you. They desire to interact with your company to better understand your viewpoints and dedication to them before they commit. How to Educate Your Clients Hosting an educational event for current and potential customers is a great way to educate. Here are just a couple of... Read More

4 Ways to Use Chatbots for a Smarter Social Media Strategy

By: ScottCox Friday August 3, 2018 comments Tags: chatbot, customer service, facebook, Lakeland, sales funnel, social media agency, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

Chatbots are the future of online marketing. They can convert cold, warm, and hot audience s, as well as provide immediate customer service and organize and automate processes companies normally do by hand. If you aren't already using chatbots, they could increase your productivity and effectiveness. Here are 4 ways to use chatbots to improve your social media strategy : Capture Cold Audience Leads When you're marketing to cold audience s, you want to offer information in return for contact information - i.e. a lead... Read More

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