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New Instagram Hashtag Feature

By: ScottCox Monday September 24, 2018 comments Tags: algorithm, audiences, content creation, content strategy, instagram, instagram algorithm, Instagram marketing, marketing strategy, social media news

New Instagram Hashtag Feature

New Instagram Hashtag Feature One thing about Instagram that gets interesting is seeing all the hundreds of hashtags tucked anywhere users can get them. Which leads us to one of the main questions that we get asked. Should you put the hashtags in your Instagram post or in the first comment? Is one better than the other? The truth simply is that it doesn't matter when it comes to the algorithm but it does look better. When you put hashtags in your first comment, it makes the image caption clean and clear. It also allows the first... Read More

Algorithms: the Breakdown of How Each Major Platform Ranks Content

By: ScottCox Tuesday April 3, 2018 comments Tags: algorithm, content creation, facebook, Facebook alogrithm, facebook marketing, instagram algorithm, instagram business profile, Lakeland, linkedin algorithm, social media agency, social media content, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, twitter algorithm

Algorithms: the Breakdown of How Each Major Platform Ranks Content

Algorithms - they are our best friends and worst headaches as social media marketers. But don't worry: you can understand them (at least partially) and use them to your advantage. Here's the breakdown of each major platform's algorithms and how you can best use them. Facebook Facebook's algorithm is probably the most advanced out of all the platforms. That makes it pretty difficult to manipulate, and the recent changes that basically  remove organic reach for business pages makes engagement a double-edged sword for... Read More

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