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content ad strategy

Content ad strategy is an advertising approach that produces and promotes content through different paid distribution channels. As opposed to content marketing, which doesn't rely on paid ads at all, the goal of content advertising is to promote content through paid distribution.

Content advertising strategies can include PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, paid social, and sponsored placements. And any content can be used and distributed as part of a content advertising strategy, including ads, landing pages, videos, blogs, graphics, etc. 

Content advertising strategy does not rely on search or discoverability at all. Instead, you should find which channels your audience use, create strategies that best fit your business and marketing goals, and implement the strategies with high-quality content and appropriate budgets. 

For many businesses, content advertising is extremely effective and cost-efficient. Businesses have a wide variety of advertising channels to choose from, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. When a business chooses the advertising channels according to the audience they want to reach, they can scale their advertising strategies well.

Social Reach can help you create and manage content advertising strategies for any marketing goal you have. 

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