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Just from its name…Don’t freak out on us!

In January, Dunkin Doughnuts renamed itself “Dunkin'” to reflect its increasing emphasis on coffee and other drinks.

Doughnuts are still on the menu, but the new name has appeared on napkins, boxes, and signs at the American stores in January. Internationally, the new name will slowly be adopted.

In a news release, Dunkin’ Brands chief executive officer and U.S. president David Hoffman said the company wants to “modernize the Dunkin’ experience.”

During the months leading up to the name change, Dunkin’ heavily promoted its coffee options and image as a go-to spot for busy lifestyles, leading up to the name change. For National Coffee Day in September, Dunkin’ teamed up with Unilever-brand Dove Hair to give fans the opportunity to win a year’s supply of Dunkin’ coffee and Dove Dry Shampoo, showing the “running on coffee and dry shampoo” meme.

Since millennials are heavy coffee drinkers, celebrating with humorous social media vignettes helped Dunkin’ build awareness for its new branding and connect with younger consumers, who like engaging with their favorite brands on digital platforms.

On Instagram, Dunkin’ announced the name change with this post: “Then ➡️ Now… We’re on a first-name basis with America 🤗🙌 #10yearchallenge”

While this post received 31, 229 likes, the reception was mixed. One IG follower commented: “the love of my life. I’ve been on a first name basis for a PHAT min!”

On the other hand, another follower expressed their disappointment in their comment: “Dear @dunkin , you started out as a donut brand. I strongly feel you misunderstand your own brand image in making this change. As a kid, I fondly remember freshly fried donuts being made in the shops, as customer service would always give me a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes making of my favorite childhood donut…people come for donuts & coffee (not coffee & donuts). Despite the change in printing & branding…you will always be “Dunkin’ Donuts”. So 🤷‍♀️ idk what your selling anymore.”