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Uber customers in top U.S. ride-share markets are getting visits from the Easter Bunny this month. Hershey is running an Easter-themed retail and sampling campaign with in-car vending company Cargo offering free samples of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Cadbury Crème Eggs.

Since Easter is the second-highest holiday for chocolate candy sales after Halloween, this sampling campaign is perfectly timed in March to cash in on Easter sweets excitement. After all, according to Hershey, consumers have purchased more than half a billion of their chocolate eggs annually in the past few years.

While in an Uber, riders can simply scan the QR code on a Cargo box with a smartphone camera or put in the driver’s specific box code on a mobile menu to buy or sample a Hershey product.

Companies such as Cargo and Vendy have been offering items like gum or earbuds to ride-hailers in their “vending machines.” Uber has exclusively partnered with Cargo as a side hustle for drivers. Cargo founder Jeff Cripe stated, “as we spend more time in the car, we are hungrier for comfort, entertainment, and productivity.”