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Making Social Profitable

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What does it mean to be social? Is it all about your social media presence or is there more to it? We feel that, yes, it’s important to have a strong representation on social media. However, businesses can be social in so many other ways.

Giving back to those in need is one of those ways.

Supporting non-profit organizations aids in networking and gaining customers. In addition, it you may offer the chance of meeting other business people and developing relationships with complementary businesses.

Main Squeeze, one of our clients, chose to be social in the local community this year by hosting a toy drive in exchange for FREE smoothies. Lakeland residents made a huge difference in children’s lives this Christmas by bringing a new (still in packaging) toy to the north Lakeland Main Squeeze, the weekend of December 15 & 16.

Main Squeeze is passionate about giving back to our amazing community and were honored to be able to have the opportunity to help local children who otherwise would likely not have received anything this Christmas! They offered a healthy and delicious smoothie in exchange for each donated toy.

This gesture was well-received. “Love seeing how much you put back into the community, keep doing what you’re doing. We gotta support our local businesses like yours more often,” posted Bill.