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Making Social Profitable

Get Better Results And More Freedom From Your Marketing

Can Facebook ads really help sell more tickets to your event? The answer is: YES. One of our event clients who uses Attendstar are now selling 100% more tickets because of our social media strategy, which includes Facebook ads. This results in thousands of more dollars in revenue.

Step 1: Create a Facebook event

You can create event ads to get more responses or to sell more tickets on Facebook. But first you have to create an event on a Facebook page. You have to be an admin, co-host or editor of the event.

Then put in the link to the ticketing agent. This way people can purchase tickets right from your FB event page.

Step 2: Create Ads with a Call to Action

Select Get Tickets or Conversions as objective. Creating event ads with these objectives will show a Get Tickets button to people who see your ad.

  • The Traffic objective helps direct people off of Facebook and on to your app or website to purchase tickets.
  • The Conversions objective helps track on-Facebook ticket sales for your event.

This is the starting point. There are many more aspects to selling tickets on social media. Contact us today to see how we can help you fill more seats at your next event.