Keys to Social Media Success: Authenticity

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Keys to Social Media Success: Authenticity

Everyone loves stories. From children listening to bedtime stories to adults chatting over coffee breaks, stories are part of our everyday lives.

So why miss out on the chance to tell your business' story through social media? Lakeland Florida customers want to see you and how you can help them, they want to feel connected to why you do what you do, and they want to partner with you in your mission by giving you their business. 

If you don't show the who, how, and why behind your business, as well as the real results you can bring to customers, they will be less likely to be loyal to your brand or refer other people to you.

So what are some ways to be authentic in your social media content?

Use as many pictures of your Lakeland Florida business in action as possible.

Stock photos may be quick and easy (and necessary sometimes), but authentic pictures of your product, service, employees, customers, and the physical building are better. Snap some high-quality photos of business meetings, of your employees working, of your location's door and sign, and of the behind-the-scenes part that customers don't normally see. Even better, hold a photo contest on social media for your customers. Offer a discount or free product to the person who gets the most engagement on their picture, then share the pictures in your posts, giving credit to the original poster.

Ask for customer stories.

Reviews are an easy way to get stories from customers. If you don't have many Google or FaceBook reviews, ask for your customers to do so when you make a sale and in your social media posts! You can even hold a social media contest for stories or reviews! Then quote the reviews in your posts.

Tell your customer's story. 

But wait, I thought we were talking about how to share a business' story?

We are - your business' story is ultimately your customer's story. If you're a local Lakeland Florida business, you're helping people. From your customer's point of view, you're the person who comes in just at the right time to help them reach their goal or solve their problem. So sell it! You don't just give haircuts - you make people look the way they've always wanted. You don't just clean people's houses - you take care of the chores so they can relax and spend more time with friends and family. Being honest about how you help people and maximizing on how your business makes people feel, while also not exaggerating or dramatizing your results is one of the best ways to connect your audience with your business. Another tip for sucess is to be consistant. Read about it here!

Authenticity is so important in social media, since your online presence isn't physical. Stay tuned for the last key to social media success from your Lakeland marketing agency coming soon!

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