Keys to Social Media Success: Creativity

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Keys to Social Media Success, Pt 3:


Who wants to look at blurry pictures? Who wants to read boring captions? You have a short amount of time to catch your audience's eye, so make the most of it.

The creative element of your profiles - pictures, videos, and captions - is what gets potential Lakeland customers to pay attention. When you're casually flipping through FaceBook or Instagram, what grabs you and makes you stop scrolling? Colors. Movement. Words.

So how do you take the creativity in your local Florida business' content to the next level? Here are some tips from your local Florida marketing team:

  1. Edit, edit, edit

Whether you're taking your own pictures or grabbing them (legally) from the internet, editing should be the first step after curation. Increase saturation, contrast, and brightness to make your images pop. Crop out any unnecessary or cluttered content and remember the photography Rule of Thirds. Stock images from free websites like Pixabay will most likely already be edited and ready to use, but you may still want to crop them for your purposes. Images you take yourself you should always edit.

     2. Framing is key

In photos and videos, the point of view you're shooting from is important. Look for unique angles and use both your point of view and your customer's point of view in shots. For pictures, shots from above are generally a good choice, and for videos, make sure to have enough movement to keep it interesting while also keeping the camera steady.  

    3. Appeal to emotions

Your captions are the perfect place to connect with your audience's emotions. Highlight humor, capitalize on the excitement of how your product or service can help them, and be straightforward about the parts of life that stink (but provide a solution). Edit captions to make them as pithy and punchy as possible, and always tell a story! Here are more tips to being authentic.

These are just some starter ideas for you, but you can do as much or little research as you want according to your interests and needs. We hope your online presence benefits from using these keys to success on social media.

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