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leads are potential customers for a product or service. Initial leads are called prospects, target marketing offers the prospects a contact information form or landing page, including name, email, phone etc. The next level of a lead or prospective customer is when they become qualified leads. Qualified leads have added their contact information to the provided form or page. This information is a little more specific from just their contact info, as it includes their title, company, timeframe, etc. Leads are then brought further through the sales funnel by having contact with someone representing the advertised company and their services. The lead is given a quote and an appointment for an exchange of services. 

Lead management involves lead assignment and distribution, lead scoring, prioritization and qualification. It will also analyze the value or return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. This includes the ability to track leads from multiple sources. 

Good leads are motivated to do business, have decision making power, realistic expectations about budget, and high probability of buying. 

Lead gathering comes from 5 strategies: content, SEO, promotion, conversion, and analytics strategie. Content strategy is first and will include landing pages, web pages, blog posts, and a call to action. SEO strategy includes utilization of key words, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Promotion strategy involves social media and email. Conversion strategy pulls from your leads and prospects. Then finally, analytics strategy is your blog analytics, reach, competitors, sources, and page visits. 

Social reach use our marketing strategies to bring our clients more leads and thus a larger return on their investment into their marketing.

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