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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to implementing the best marketing strategy for your business. We keep our strategies relevant by adapting with your needs, researching current trends, maintaining certifications, and exceeding industry standards. Before we meet your team, meet ours!

About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Scott has a passion for investing in the community and local businesses. Scott started out as a business owner who wanted to grow his own social reach, so he began studying social strategies and trends. Through Social Reach Agency, he’s found a way to share his knowledge and expertise with other businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations who are passionate about growing a business that allows them to serve and impact their community.

About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Mona’ has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Southeastern University, and is quite passionate about community building. Mrs. Cranor has a strong track record in partnering with businesses in the digital world to build towards the attainable. She has in-depth experience with inbound and outbound digital advertising, with several certifications in digital marketing. She is highly driven to connect businesses with the power of a online presence.

About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Elesha holds a bachelors degree in communication and is passionate about helping businesses grow. With 18 years experience in marketing and advertising, Elesha helps companies from various industries gain exposure through social media and online advertising. She looks forward to utilizing her wide-range of skills at Social Reach as she assists clients on their journey of building an online community.
About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Michell has a great passion for Digital Arts and Marketing; His past work experiences make that obvious: Multimedia Marketing Specialist, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Interactive Media Specialist, and Digital Art Freelancer. He considers the camera his number one tool, when it comes to creating engaging content. His artistic skill paired with his knowledge and experience in marketing, creates the perfect formula for great visual content to push your presence to the next level.

About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Omar has been a freelance graphic designer for over 30 years. His first graphic design job was gratefully given to him by his own mother at the age of 12, in which he designed her dance studio flyers and event posters. Since then, Omar has focused on sharpening his skills, which now has become his creative outlet. Omar specializes in logo design and branding for businesses, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems. Omar is a creative dreamer that is versatile and loves a challenge. Oh, and he speaks two languages.

About The Team - The Social Reach - Lakeland, FL


Paul has spent ample time during his professional career working towards understanding what drives successful people, and more importantly…how to help get them more successful! I am excited to work with social reach for the opportunity to speak with and learn more about our clients, their short, and long-term goals. I look forward to speaking with our future clients, encouraging them towards their goals!

"Scott and his team are amazing!! They have already helped our companies online networking grow by 100% in just 3 months and landed us some great new business !! I highly recommend you try them, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!"

Bethany Cromwell

Business Developer - Smart Title

"Scott & Anna are wonderful to work with! Always willing to guide me towards the right social marketing goals and yet maintaining our brand & personality. Social Reach truly takes the time to listen & guide your business’ social media needs! Highly recommend!"

Kendra Ruggiero

Franchise Owner - Escapology

"Scott and his team have helped my company to grow on average 40% since hiring them. I would recommend anyone who is serious about their business to check them out unless you are my competitor!"

Ryan Edrington

Owner - Xcellent Xteriors