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Marketing for School Assemblies

You know there are teachers and principals looking for a school assembly right now. How will you get your business in front of them and capture them as leads?

You need to draw attention to your business. With the right plan, you can reach and book more people who are looking for a school assembly now!

Our Results

Omegaman and Friends experienced success in consistently gaining leads and exposure with our plan.

In one month alone, they gained 63 leads with a budget of $3,000! 

Our Plan

We help you accomplish this goal through a holistic approach, designed specifically with school assemblies in mind. We will provide:

Location-based, highly-targeted ads

You won’t waste time or money advertising to people outside of your service area or who aren’t interested in your product. We get your name in front of the most qualified customers.

Promotional ads dedicated to the services you want to highlight

Whatever your claim to fame is, we want to show you off to potential customers so they see that you are the best at what you do. The more specific the offer, the more the ads bring in high quality results!

Reports that help you follow-up and convert leads effectively.

You can maximize your ROI and convert almost 100% of leads into clients. You CAN exponentially increase your sales this month!

Personalized, high quality social content

Relevant and professional content will draw positive attention to your brand. People will get to know you and what sets you apart with our custom social media posts.

Our Program

15-20 leads/month


30-40 leads/month


Includes original Facebook ad creation, ad management, ad spend, and custom social media posts.

It’s time to find a marketing company who understands the struggles of running a business and has the experience, strategies, and system to deliver the results you need. 

Get freedom from your marketing and exponential growth with Social Reach. 

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