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When it comes to running a small Lakeland Business, SEO and social media are two closely related digital strategies that are used to improve website rankings on search engines and to create a strong visible online presence. The two are both organic and inbound tactics that focus on creating an engaging brand identity that naturally attracts traffic. Your social media presence can greatly improve your search engine rankings. a strong social media strategy, as well as SEO, utilizes high-quality web content and the effort you put into your presence on social media in particular can greatly improve your SEO.

One important factor that every Florida business owner should be aware of is that social media profiles are often among the top results in a business' search listing. When you search "General Electric" in Google, one of the initial results is the company's Twitter account! Ultimately, social media gives you the ability to directly connect and interact with prospects and customers.

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Below are some SEO tactics that you can use to initiate your rise through the social media search engines.

High-quality Content

When you provide relevant and useful content on your website, there is always a tendency that visitors will stay a little bit longer to go through the information that you've provided. This, therefore, increases the dwell time and it can influence the search engine ranking. One other reason why you should use high-quality informative content is that when visitors bookmark your content on a Chrome web browser, your website SEO ranking will improve on Google. Here are the top reasons you need to start a blog on your website today.

Using Outbound Links

You can make your web content more relevant by linking out to social media platforms for more comprehensive information your audience can relate with. Linking out on social media will not only improve the relevance of your web content but also increase the time spent by visitors on your website. This will also send a positive signal to Google thereby, improving your site search engine ranking. Need more tips on running a sucessful blog? Check this out!

Social Media Sharing

Users can easily share your website content by adding the different social media sharing icons on your website, not only does this improve the customer experience, it can also help you rank higher on search engines. Social media is the ideal way to direct your audience to your page or sales email, it is an excellent way to lead visitors through the journey that result in conversions. It was reported that about 43% of social media consumers after liking or sharing a product on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest ended up buying it. While, 40% of Facebook users eventually purchase an item after liking, commenting or sharing it.


Can users find your website whenever they go onto a search engine? Repeat traffic can boost your search engine ranking. Your site keyword should be memorable enough so that users can easily search for your site when they need it again.


SEO experts think that sometimes Google considers readability when ranking web pages. Ensure to make the text content of your website to be very simple and readable. Make use of straightforward and easy to understand words in your write-ups. If your content is too difficult to digest, your visitors may likely give up and click away. Readability statistics in Microsoft Word, and The Readability Test Tool, are some of the tools you can use to test the readability of your content.

Avoid Error Pages on your website

Error pages on a website will affect not only the customer user's experience but also the SEO ranking. Your website must do away with a broken link that is no longer in use. You must avoid a 404 Page Not Found error and a link that says something different to what it's displayed.

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