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In Europe, Spotify, the music-streaming giant, filed an antitrust complaint against Apple. They allege that Apple has abused its control of the App Store to restrict competing music-streaming services.

Spotify Founder, Daniel Ek stated: ‘In recent years, Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience — essentially acting as both a player and referee to deliberately disadvantage other app developers… they continue to give themselves an unfair advantage at every turn.”

Centered on a 30 percent tax other digital services have to pay whenever using Apple’s “in-app” payment system for purchases like upgrading subscriptions, Spotify’s complaint is being assessed by the European Commission. They feel Apple tries to be a gatekeeper of the internet, controlling the iOS mobile operating system and the App Store while simultaneously competing against other music services.

This isn’t the first time Apple has been sued. In 2016, the company was forced to repay $15 billion in taxes to Ireland by EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

While they may have an issue with Apple, Spotify works well with Instagram. Integrated with Instagram Stories, Spotify and IG easily share. Fans and artists can share Spotify albums, tracks, artists, and playlists directly to Instagram Stories, complete with deep links that’ll lead followers back into the Spotify app to listen to music. Spotify is also connected with Twitter and Facebook. These integrations make it simple to share music with fans by simply copying a song, album or playlist link into the status field on Facebook or Twitter, and a player will automatically be created.