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Making Social Profitable

Get Better Results And More Freedom From Your Marketing

7 Prominent Social Media Strategies 

The growth of the digital world has given business owners access to an amazing world of marketing possibilities. What does one do when there are so many ways to start growing your business online? Having a solid working strategy is the first step!

Let’s discuss a few key strategies for social media that prove very useful.

  • Business Objectives: Set goals first, make it a priority to define your goal’s when creating a social media strategy. Whether it is outselling a competitor’s product, building awareness for your brand, selling 10,000 packets of crackers, finding new niches for products, whatever it may be it needs to be defined.


  • Right Networks: The key to a solid social media strategy is to do a multi-platform approach. There are hundreds of social media networks such as Wattpad, Tumblr, Xing, Crunchyroll, Goodreads, and Yammer along with our regular Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each platform has different types of people that are most prominent. Visit each network and do your research on that platform to confirm it is a good fit for your business. For instance, you can see that on Pinterest the theme stays constant with the craft.


  • Pay Attention to Content: All content must relate to your product in a value-based way. This is extremely important for your social media strategy. Visitors must realize you are talking about your product in each post, even if it is in an indirect way. This doesn’t mean to focus on selling but each post should be connected to your industry.


  • Visual Branding: For this, we need a uniformed approach. We cannot depict a product in one color and background in one post with something else in your text. Any audience will fail to connect. Content must not be cluttered. A good flow must be present from top to bottom of a page. Your logo should be present and message understandable.


  • Cross-Promote Across Many Platforms: When one has more than one social media channel, use the followers of each one to promote. Some platform makes it simple to share back and further between others, like Facebook and Instagram.


  • Post Often: Fresh content is vital to rank higher in search engine listings. All search engines like Google and Bing will search for content posted today. That is why you need to be active daily to stay top of mind.


  • Connect with Influencers: We see them all the time, any corner of the internet we go, we see their pictures. They are people making news, doing research, and helping the internet survive. Influencer marketing is powerful. You’re tapping into someone’s following and they are promoting your products or services.



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