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According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s 2018 report, global subscriptions to online-video streaming services have exceeded cable subscriptions. At an increase of 27% from the year before, around 613 million people regularly utilize Amazon Prime, Netflix or a streaming service like those.

To many people, this doesn’t come as a surprise since they cut the cord a long time ago. Dennis Mathias, General Manager at Healthplex Sports Club, shared: “You have to give it to millennials. They said screw the norm we’re not paying $200-$300 for a product we don’t use to that level. Us boomers just let cable grab us by the eye balls and follow them down the path of a product that went from $0 a month to $300 a month. And we’re still stuck because there’s always at least one of the boomers in the house that refuses to break the tie to the squawk box.”

On the other hand, Brian T, Media Production, isn’t for cable losing its power. He stated, “The last thing we should wish for as a society is for cable companies to lose too much revenue when it comes to providing internet access. Less revenue would lead to fewer choices. Now, if you shrug at that and put your trust in mobile phone providers as the benevolent suppliers of anything, you have forgotten their history.”

Others see it as inevitable. Scott Kushman, Award Winning TV Producer, wrote: “I think what’s sad is even though there is the unstoppable migration from cable to Streaming, cable networks have not even tried to program to keep viewers. For example, you have a cable network like MTV that reruns old movies and Ridiculousness 24/7 to fill air time vs reruns of current shows such as marathons of the challenge, and reality shows.”