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Making Social Profitable

Get Better Results And More Freedom From Your Marketing

Wendy’s temporarily changed its Twitter account name to “Freebaconator” as part of their promotion, offering its Baconator cheeseburger for free when ordered through DoorDash. Customers had to place an order on DoorDash’s website or app during Jan. 28 – Feb. 4 and use the promo code FREEBACONATOR to redeem the offer.

This social media strategy earned more than 2,000 likes in the first 15 hours of posting a video for the free bacon cheeseburger. One of their posts, seen below, gained 417 retweets and 265 comments. Wendy’s knows how to encourage engagement.

“We’ve always owned bacon and that’s not changing because our competitors are throwing a happy hour to celebrate its importance,” said Kurt Kane, Wendy’s executive vice president, chief concept and marketing officer. “Bacon is at the core of what we do at Wendy’s, and we aren’t afraid to throw down the gauntlet. After all, that’s why we’re the #1 seller of bacon cheeseburgers**.”

**Based on unit sales among quick service restaurants over 12-month period ending October ’18. Source: The NPD Group/CREST(R)